Experience the Magic of Dune Lakes
Horse Inspired Learning Centre

Dune Lakes Lodge offers a wide range of workshops and retreats including:

  • Women's Equine Circle - 3rd Sunday of month
  • Horse Friendship  - learning their language
  • Personal Discovery - what horses teach us about us
  • Un-School Kids Camps
  • Corporate Training
  • Health, Wellness and Yoga

We'd love to meet you - come and meet the team (horse & human!)

Women's Equine Circle

Explore the many aspects of the Human-Herd-Heart Connection. Celebrate the gifts that horses bring to our lives and the lives of others. An enriching and inspiring experience.

Learning experiences include:

  • Experiential boundary-setting life skills
  • Interactive, challenging and fun
  • A new body awareness that activates the mind
  • Emotional and spiritual stimulation
  • Successfully overcome fears
  • Provides a healthy sensory input
  • Resets outmoded belief systems

No previous horse experience necessary!

Horse Friendship

Master the subtleties of horse language and herd behaviour with practical experiences on building a relationship with a twelve strong herd of horses in a safe, supported space.  Whether a beginner or advanced level, practice natural horse friendship on your horse or ours.

Look at life from a horse's perspective. Become aware how our intention, focus, energy, body position and timing affects our equine friends. Discover their language and learn how to apply it to our own lives.

Personal Discovery

Horses reflecting self-love

Surround yourself with nature and an interactive, learning- based environment incorporating mindfulness practices, body-mind connection activities and transformational learning that builds emotional intelligence, promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation.

 Un-School Kids Camps 

Learning with horses children gain new confidence being around horses.  We believe it will be children who will transform the lives of horses, just as horses transform lives of children.

The Ultimate Corporate Experience

We offer a range of Corporate Team Building, Leadership and Self-Awareness Training through the dynamic process of horse-human interactions.  For managers and leaders alike to effectively embody these skills impacts an organisation's bottom line. Interpersonal communication and conflict resolution are crucial in today's marketplace.

Exchanges and Working Bees

If you wish to support our centre and have skills you'd like to offer, call Rosemary 09 420 2040

Mastering Self

  • Improved sense of power and influence
  • Helps handle and relieve the stress and the chaos of life
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
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