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Horse Inspired Learning Centre

Dune Lakes Retreat offers a wide range of workshops, retreats & camps including - What Horses Can Teach Us:

  • Intimate Relationships – for Couples & Singles
  • Gain More Confidence – for those with trauma
  • Empowered Parenting - for Parents & Grandparents
  • Horse Play & Learning Together – for Parents and Children
  • Horse Sense Camps – for Children 6-12 years
  • A Young Man's Discovery – for Father-Figures & Boys 12-18
  • Exploring the Red Tent – for Mother-Figures & Daughters 12-18
  • Navigate Your Teens – for 13-19
  • Women's Equine Circle - 3rd Sunday of month
  • Horse Friendship  - learning their language
  • Un-School Kids Camps
  • Corporate Training
  • Health, Wellness and Yoga

We'd love to meet you - come and meet the team (horse & human!)

Women's Equine Circle

Explore the many aspects of the Human-Herd-Heart Connection. Celebrate the gifts that horses bring to our lives and the lives of others. An enriching and inspiring experience.

Learning experiences include:

  • Experiential boundary-setting life skills
  • Interactive, challenging and fun
  • A new body awareness that activates the mind
  • Emotional and spiritual stimulation
  • Successfully overcome fears
  • Provides a healthy sensory input
  • Resets outmoded belief systems

No previous horse experience necessary!

Horse Friendship

Master the subtleties and nuances in understanding of horse language and herd behaviour. Through hands-on experience connection is established with a eleven-strong herd of horses within a secure and supportive environment.

Whether you're a novice or at an advanced level, engage in the practice of cultivating natural horse friendships, be it with your own horse or one of ours.

Shift your perspective to view life through the eyes of a horse. Gain awareness of how intention, focus, energy, body position, and timing intricately impact our equine companions. Uncover the intricacies of their language and learn how to seamlessly apply these insights to enhance your own life.

Personal Discovery

Horses reflecting self-love

Immerse yourself in a natural haven, where an interactive, learning-centered environment seamlessly integrates mindfulness practices, activities fostering the body-mind connection, and transformative learning experiences. This holistic approach not only cultivates emotional intelligence but also promotes comprehensive health and well-being, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual enrichment.

 Un-School Kids Camps 

Learning with horses children gain new confidence being around horses.  We believe it will be children who will transform the lives of horses, just as horses transform lives of children.

The Ultimate Corporate Experience With Horses

Explore our diverse array of programs tailored for Corporate Team Building, Leadership, and Self-Awareness Training, employing the dynamic and impactful process of horse-human interactions. The acquisition and application of these essential skills by both managers and leaders significantly influence an organization's overall performance and financial outcomes. In today's competitive marketplace, mastering interpersonal communication and conflict resolution is paramount for sustained success.

'Friends Of' Dune Lakes - Exchanges and Working Bees

Amplify your influence and contribute to the creditable mission of Dune Lakes and our charity, Equine Pathfinders. If you possess skills, talents, or innovative ideas that you're eager to share, reach out to Rosemary at 09 420 2040.

Your support will make a meaningful difference in our mission to create positive change through the power of community and equine-assisted programmes. Join hands with us and be a catalyst for positive transformation.

Mastering Self

  • Improved sense of power and influence
  • Helps handle and relieve the stress and the chaos of life
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
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