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Revitalise your well-being - retreat in the breathtaking landscape of Dune Lakes. Immerse yourself in an experience that embraces the present while securing your future health. Surrounded by nature and guided by the gentle wisdom of horses, nourish yourself with delightful plant-based cuisine on a journey towards rejuvenation and vitality. 

Our retreats offer different packages, including yoga, meditation and guided horse sessions - a unique escape for valuable rest and relaxation in a peaceful environment. Only a short walk to a beautiful lake swim or a 15-minute drive to soak and relax at Palm Springs' thermal pools.

Join us to reclaim health, regulate weight, and find happiness in your body image. Our retreats cater to diverse needs, promoting self-care, conscious eating, learning, and inspiration for the body, mind, and soul. Regardless of age, prioritise your health through detoxification, regeneration, yoga, and meditation. Transform eating into a conscious process, making it a way of life for enhanced physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Embrace wellness and longevity on this transformative journey.


Explore an esoteric science harnessing aligned energy from the universe, serving as the blueprint for all matter. Derived from the sun and stars, Scalar energy powers the universe, influencing stellar activity and serving as a divine force for biological life. Now harnessed, it directs energy to energize cells, balancing bodily systems, and promoting deep healing within vital organs. A groundbreaking chapter in science and physics, offering control over molecular forms and proven potential for self-healing.

Enhance this with Optical Crystal Quartz Technology, aligning energy bodies and amplifying device-generated energy for profound physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual effects.

Further, Terahertz Technology resonates with human cells, activating healthy ones while eliminating unhealthy cells and free radicals at a trillion vibrations per second. These iTeracare devices, utilise these advanced technologies, transforms health, reminiscent of the vibrational energy future of medicine seen in Med Bed technology. Terahertz frequency alignment empowers the body's healing capabilities, bringing revolutionary health transformations to the general public.


Explore the multifaceted benefits of yoga, a holistic ancient practice merging physical postures, controlled breathing, and meditation. Enhance flexibility, strength, posture, and breathing through yoga's transformative poses and exercises.

Experience relaxation, lowered blood pressure, and a fortified immune system. Delve into the profound impact of yoga on weight loss, stress reduction, and inner peace. Discover a comprehensive approach to well-being, where yoga becomes a conduit for reducing stress, improving health, and fostering overall wellness.

“Anyone who can breathe can do yoga. It is the practical means by which the ideals of an inspired life can be actualised.” Desikachar

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