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Rosemary Wyndham-Jones

Rosemary Wyndham-Jones

A life-long horsewoman, Rosemary Wyndham-Jones is an equine-facilitated learning practitioner, natural horse-friendship professional, a Strasser hoofcare and holistic horse care clinician, a certified EAGALA Facilitator (ES) and a Eponaquest Riding Focused Instructor. She studies the dynamics and relational development of the horse/human connection.

She co-founded The Equine Pathfinders Foundation, a charitable organisation established to support the growth of Equine Assisted Growth and Learning throughout New Zealand.

Every year the charity runs New Zealand's International Spirit Horse Festival.  A boutique fund raising event where leading equine professionals explore the many aspects of the horse–human relationship for three days of inspiration, education, healing, and spiritual enrichment!

Equine-facilitated learning, involves working with an equine practitioner to facilitate personal growth and development of life skills through interactions with horses.

Horses are excellent teachers and Rosemary utilises the concepts and psychology of herd behaviour to provide powerful life-learning experiences from which clients draw metaphors to life outside the arena and thus develop a sense of self and a feeling of well-being.

An advocate of health and wellness, Rosemary is a life-long vegan, practices and teaches yoga, has a black belt in karate and plays with her horses to maintain her own sense of balance. She loves her life of sharing space with horses and creating an environment for others to gain benefit from their wisdom.

Rosemary is the founder and director of Dune Lakes Lodge Ltd a Retreat and Horse Inspired Learning Centre on the North West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

The Philosophy of Dune Lakes Lodge Retreat and Horse Inspired Learning Centre informs everything they choose to include and not include in their programs. It is a philosophy that genuinely respects all that share the earth, and the earth itself.  Our focus is on birthing our collective awakening to unconditional love.

Only an hours drive from the centre of Auckland, the beautiful 100 year old villa sits in 37 acres of rolling grassland, adjacent to Lake Kereta and 3kms from miles and miles of the sandy beach of Muriwai. The location of Dune Lakes Lodge is part of it's magic. Situated on ancient sand dunes and surrounded by ecologically significant lakes and oceans there is a very special sense of place.

So many happy memories have been created for so many people. Please enjoy our gallery for sprinkling of them.

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