Equine Assisted Learning Certification Training

Join us as practitioners in the emerging field of EAL for organisational development and social change.

EAL Certification Training is an attractive proposition for those interested in a career combining helping horses and people. Our education offers a combined professional development and mentoring programme.

This training demonstrates the horse/human bond and how it enables beneficial, deep and lasting social, emotional, spiritual and psychological changes.

You will enjoy the stimulating innovative learning environment while being in the company of like-minded people equally dedicated to creating the highest quality Equine Assisted Learning environment. You will learn to work in multiple contexts and become the most skillful change agent for yourself and others.

We encourage student facilitators to be as involved as possible with events in order to appreciate the dynamics of event management and, most importantly, to meet and spend time with some provocative and inspired facilitators

Our highly experiential learning environment is packed with opportunities to engage with like-minded people and the latest thinking in culture and change processes. 

It is a fabulous place in which to learn the non verbal language of your ‘herd’, reawaken your intuition, discover new insights and make sense of your world with the assistance of our equine friends.

Join Rosemary where a dream job becomes a reality. 

Course Structure:

Offered in an apprenticeship style, the EAL Certification Training offers an easy balance between theoretical and hands-on active learning sessions. Participants will effectively have an open pass to all Dune Lakes Lodge public events for 12 months. Briefings sessions at kids camps, showcases, and weekend workshops will provide a 'behind the scenes' insight to the structure and delivery of content.

  • The Outcomes and Business Planning weekend will give focus to the participants journey ensuring they are on a path to be active practitioners by the end of the programme.
  • Kids Life Skills Horse Camps provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your horsemanship skills, practice group facilitation, and experience a vibrant dynamic with teenagers. The fundamentals of this program may be 'drag and dropped' to so many contexts including family therapy, weekend retreats and corporate training.
  • NVC (non violent communication) with Horses is a training where you will gain the skills and experience to practice compassionate listening to bring about change. 
  • Three weekend retreats provide an opportunity to explore how EAL can be delivered through specialty workshops and cover areas such as advanced equestrian skills, heart/horse connections, leadership skills, managing life transitions etc.
  • Presentation skills are essential to a thriving enterprise. A presentation skills day provides fundamental skills for promoting your EAL business. Students be actively involved with the delivery of complimentary showcases and will design, enrol and co-present a 2-day public enrolment workshop.
  • Horse handling and horse care skills are essential and a cornerstone of our training.  A basic knowledge of horse anatomy and care is a prerequisite to sound practice. The program is packed with opportunities to enhance these skills at all levels.

2-day Outcomes and Business Planning (core module)

5-day Kids Life Skills Horse Camps (attend minimum 3)

NVC with Horses (core modules)

2-day Weekend Retreats (core modules).

Journey with Horses:

Horse Art & Yoga:

Ancient Wisdom for Modern leaders:

1-day Presentation Skills (core module)

1-day Holistic Horse Care (core module)

2-day Co-presented public enrolment workshop (core module)

Complimentary Showcases (attend minimum 3)

First Saturday of each Month

Natural Horse Friendship Days (attend as many as you can)

First Sunday of each Month


Full fee paid in advance: NZ $10,995 (incl GST)

Pay as you go: NZ $250 per week for 12 months (incl GST)

Shared accomodation is available at $35 per night. Please provide your own linen towels and food.

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