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H.A.Y - Horse, Art & Yoga

This spiritual, emotional nourishing and personal growth with horses, art and yoga offer re-connection, re-vitalisation and a creative channel for shifting consciousness and raising personal and universal vibration

Located in the heart of ancient sand hills on the South Kairpara Head Peninsula this powerful location offers space to enhance our connection with nature, discover the wisdom of the horse, ignite artistic creativity and deepen our inner knowing of our own bodies.

Creating art in the surrounds of a beautiful, natural environment is life affirming, giving opportunity to creative potential through the process of artistic expression, a wonderful tool for self-discovery, enhanced communication and a tangible record of change. Plus a deeply insightful style of yoga that encourages exploration of your body to discover your strength and stability through breath and body awareness with movement.

Joining us for nutritious vegan food, nurturing yoga, mindfulness practice and fun activities, plus plenty of love, laughter and support, is sure to bring a sparkle in your eyes and glow in your cheeks.

If you have never spent time with horses or you feel anxious about being around them, Dune Lakes will introduce you to our 'land dolphins' a magical experience. With their receptive and pure energy - horses have an innate way of restoring the human spirit. If you are a horse lover and would like to experience a new level of horse communication and connection and understand every nuance of herd language ultimately communicating with focus and intent, there is no better place in the world to learn this.

Our transformational journeys hosted by Rosemary Wyndham-Jones  and her herd of wise equine beings.

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We have accommodation onsite for up to ten people

EPONAQUEST - Journey with Horses

Journey with Horses - a quite moment of connection

The emphasis is on learning to thrive, expanding both human and animal potential. In these EPONAQUEST educational programmes horses assist in teaching people leadership, assertiveness, personal empowerment, relationship, intuition, emotional agility and inter-subjective relationship skills.

Certified EPONAQUEST Professional and Riding Focused Instructor Rosemary Wyndham-Jones offers educational programmes where people and horses are supported in co-creating a new way of being - one that embraces authenticity, collaboration and experimentation.

Designed to immerse into nature and experience a connection, reflection and transformation - an experiential learning journey guided by the horse.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience EPONAQUEST in action - especially for those interested in working with horses therapeutically or for those wanting a closer relationship and understanding of our human and equine friends. It's an amazing journey and one that comes highly recommended.

Hosted by Rosemary Wyndham-Jones

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EPONAQUEST - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders

Leadership working things out

Hands on, innovative leadership training. Practice defining roles and performance skills, have success with difficult conversation and develop leadership presence. Let the horse show you what's working - let the horse show you what's not working.

I am excited to be able to bring this personal/professional development workshop to you, as I know, how personal and working relationships can become dysfunctional.

By understanding the four roles of the master herdsman and how these roles play out and are at times overemphasised in certain individuals, it really helped me through a personal experience of this when a work colleague and I were able to overcome the source of pain and misunderstanding which has lead us now to a real, authentic working relationship. It's awesome to be able to utilise all four skills and uplift the effectiveness of relationship.

Whether you’re interested horses or human development—or both—the Eponaquest approach allows you to experience what it means to truly thrive in life, offering you tools that open other worlds of creativity, insight, and empowerment, expanding your vision, helping you reconnect to nature, to the herd and to the community.

Hosted by Rosemary Wyndham-Jones

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