Kids life skills with horses

A 5-Day Residential 'Horse Sense' Camp 

 A Children's Bridge To Life Skills

Embark on the transformative journey of 'Horse Sense,' an enriching programme designed for children aged 6-16. Tailored to offer achievable and measurable achievements, this initiative goes beyond horse-related activities, creating a space for meaningful connections among participants.

Under the expert guidance of facilitators, children not only grasp essential safety measures around horses but also delve into the realm of experiential learning through engaging games that mirror vital life lessons. These activities focus on respect, boundaries, relationships, leadership, and trust—providing young minds with valuable metaphors for life.

Participation in the 'Horse Sense' programme is a gateway to enhancing confidence, self-esteem, relationships, leadership skills, and lateral thinking. Remarkably, prior horse experience is not a prerequisite, as our approach allows young individuals to learn life skills while joyfully interacting with horses.

Immerse yourself in a world of fun activities, games, and experiences with horses—non-ridden and mostly at liberty. This unique approach aims to develop emotional fitness, resilience, patience, and advanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

At the heart of our methodology is praise-based learning and a non-dominant approach to horses, fostering mutual respect, trust, boundary setting, and relationship skills. We seamlessly integrate holistic horse management philosophies, imparting children with knowledge of a more natural and safe way of being with these majestic animals.

'Horse Sense' goes beyond traditional education, offering equine-assisted learning activities that build confidence, inner fortitude, and esteem. As participants engage in these activities, they not only develop lasting friendships but also cultivate teamwork and stimulate their lateral thinking and leadership skills. Join us on this unparalleled journey where children not only learn about horses but also embark on a path of personal growth and holistic development.

Available for girls and boys of every age and level of experience. Perfect for children who have been around horses as well as children who have not.

Kids 5-Day Residential Horse "Life Skills" Camps ($650 all inclusive)

15-19 April 2024   *      7-11 October 2024

Mid-Week Home Schoolers Programme welcomed (please enquire)

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