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Dune Lakes Lodge offers a wide range workshops and retreats on Horsemanship & Personal Discovery for Adults & Kids.
If you have never visited us before come along to a Complimentary Showcase to meet the team (horse & human!).

We also offers a range of Corporate Team Building, Leadership and Self-Awareness Courses

If you wish to create a sustainable business we also offer Equine Assisted Learning Certification Training

Join the team in an Internships or Working Student

Complimentary Showcase

Come and experience the team in action!

These showcases are designed to give a sample of the different workshops, clinics and courses we run at our Centre. Experience how horses can powerfully affect the lives of children and adults alike.

 No previous riding experience is necessary!

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Relational Horse Friendship Workshop

Beginner to intermediate level natural horsemanship on your horses or ours. Look at life from a horse's perspective. Become aware how our energy and focus affects our equine friends. Discover their language and learn how to apply it to our own lives.

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From Bit to Bit-free to Bridle-free

Intermediate to advanced level natural horsemanship on your horse or ours. 'Riding from the ground up' using feel, focus and energy on the ground and then transitioning that to riding builds trust, confidence and respect making bridleless riding effortless - creating harmonious interaction between horse and rider.

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Our weekend getaway was incredible….!!! We had fantastic friendly hosts, learnt amazing new skills, made new friends, all on a beautiful relaxed property in a totally unspoiled part of the New Zealand less than an hour from Auckland. I’m sure if our horses could talk, they would say what happened to those softies we took away for the weekend, who are these focused inspired people. We totally recommend Dune Lakes Lodge for a relaxed weekend getaway or a weekend to extend your horse skills. Fabulous property and facilities. Cheers.

Olwyn & Nadine

Last weekend I attend a Natural Horsemanship weekend at Dune Lakes Lodge. I have not had any experience with Natural Horsemanship before this. After the weekend clinic, you wouldn’t believe the change in my boy and ME!

The level of respect he now has for me, the gentle kind way I can now get him to do what I want and MOST IMPORTANTLY “NO HEAD FLICKING”. He didn’t head flick once the whole weekend! I just wanted to share my experience with you as maybe an option for you to try.

I’m not saying that it will work for you, but so far it has definitely made a difference for me and I was able to enjoy my baby again in a calm, non-head flicking way. I still have lots of work to do as the skills Rosemary showed us are not a one-off fix but an on-going way of life for you and your horse to enjoy. I’m hooked!


I recently had the privilege of staying at your lodge & wanted to thank you for your help & advice. I was with the group of Adult riders from Totara Park - my horse was the Chestnut thoroughbred that played up. You kindly loaned me a saddle & rope halter to ride the three hour trek & gave me techniques to use when he was misbehaving.

As an update I have continued with the natural horsemanship in conjunction with the Adult ride and have even got the Riding for the disabled using it. We have started working with the ponies we use for the Riding for the disabled & the changes in them is really great. I have also not ridden in a bridle since my visit & am looking to purchase a torsion saddle or something equally as good. I learnt a lot from the weekend at your lodge & the horse & I have a new enthusiasm for riding. Thanks.


Prior to attending this course my horses walked all over me. I've had tonnes of lessons both here and in Australia and in a short number of hours I was taught the most valuable lessons. I felt safe and in control of the relationship with my horse, a first for me!"


My young horse, Praise, turned a big corner with her education and training during the Natural Horsemanship weekend at Dune Lakes Lodge. This was our first experience of riding 'bit less'. Praise seemed happy and relaxed without a bridle - and I certainly didn't have any difficulties with my communication with her.

Day two we did some more advanced ground work - lateral work and float training etc. Our two main highlights were when I asked Praise to walk into the float whilst I sat on the mudguard! And the ultimate 'squeeze' - asking her to walk between the two trunks of a gum tree.


Personal Discovery

H.A.Y - Horse, Art & Yoga

This spiritual, emotional nourishing and personal growth nature retreats with horses, art and yoga offer re-connection, re-vitalisation and a creative channel for shifting consciousness and raising personal and universal vibration

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Inside out Retreat

Horses reflecting self-love

We're into empowering people to be exceptionally themselves. So this workshop comes with upping self-belief, building confidence, and shifting to even-healthier.

EPONAQUEST - Journey with Horses

Journey with Horses - a quite moment of connection

The emphasis is on learning to thrive, expanding both human and animal potential. In these EPONAQUEST educational programmes horses assist in teaching people leadership, assertiveness, personal empowerment, relationship, intuition, emotional agility and inter-subjective relationship skills.

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EPONAQUEST - Ancient Wisdom
for Modern Leaders

Leadership working things out

Two days of hands on, innovative leadership training. Practice defining roles and performance skills, have success with difficult conversation and develop leadership presence. Let the horse show you what's working - let the horse show you what's not working.

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5 Day Kids Camp during School Holiday

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Five days of fun where children gain new confidence being around horses, learn riding skills, swimming with horses in the lake and taking treks to the beach. We believe it’s children who will transform the lives of horses, just as horses transform lives of people.

Incorporating holistic horse management philosophies we hold kids camps holiday programmes where hundreds of children learn natural horsemanship groundwork and riding skills. Kids riding horses barefoot and bit-free in treeless saddles around the beautiful environs of Woodhill Forest and Muriwai Beach.

These camps are available for girls and boys of every age and level of experience. These camps are perfect for children who have never ridden as well as children who do. Children will learn to be safe on and around horses & about the games horses play with each other! ….. games of respect, boundaries, relationships, leadership and trust - all of which are great metaphors for life!!!

We have a wide variety of other animals for children to connect with plus we are running equine assisted learning activities (all non-riding) which gives them confidence with others and a better attitude towards themselves whilst building relationships, self esteem and stimulating their lateral thinking and leadership skills.

2017 dates:

Term 2

  • 10 - 14 July
  • 17 - 21 July

Term 3

  • 2 - 6 October
  • 9 - 13 October

Investment: $600

Corporate Training Experiences

Dune Lakes Lodge is the ideal venue offering the location, unique experiences and picturesque environment to build on capabilities, shape the future, or provide a reward for a job well done.

With our unique equine-centred team building, it won't be long before you appreciate the value of escaping your daily routines into an environment that both clears and opens your mind. The benefits will be reflected in what you produce, plan or create.

Bring your team to Dune Lakes Lodge to reflect, rediscover and rebuild in an environment conducive to creativity and problem-solving far from the distractions of city life.

The outcome will be a highly effective event which will motivate and energise your people and relationships - paying dividends on their return. Give your people the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed environment! Meal options available on request.

Contact Rosemary & Alistair to discuss your training needs.

Fonterra Team Building

I had hoped to get my team away to relax and to do something different as a group. They, like me, had been through the trips to Waiheke and been up and down ropes on numerous occasions in the name of team building - enough is enough!!!

Dune Lakes Lodge offered an equine experience that was completely different - having a group of 'townies' out there interacting with - relating to and moving around 600kg animals was an amazing experience for the group - descriptors such as 'wow', 'fantastic', 'lovely' can still be heard in their conversations with their peers.

I personally appreciated your flexibility when trying to tailor the day to what I had hoped for, and being able to cater to different levels of confidence and adventure. I think this was reflected in the feedback form we completed that came back as a 9/10 experience!!!

As their manager, I'm really glad to have taken the time to find an exciting new adventure for the team, and thank you again for your professionalism and warmth that created a great experience for all. I think you have a gem here for others to tap into and I'm happy to talk with them if they wish to hear firsthand of our corporate experience."

One task involves entering a round-pen with an unknown horse and leaving with one that has connected with you. An awareness of the implications of body language between you and the horse, invokes a realisation that subtle energies - combined with focus and the timing of interactions - apply to relationships in your everyday working world. The experience may prove deeply thought provoking.

Take for example a team that has problems working together. When the group is not successfully working together to accomplish a task with the horse, the horse will respond in ways that might thwart the group’s efforts and clearly display areas for improvement. The facilitator will interpret the actions of the horse as indicators to the participants that they are not in control of the situation and are not working together as a team - with the horse being the integral team member.

The behaviour of the participants is reflected in the behaviour of the horse. A positive change in participant behaviour brings positive changes in equine behaviour.

We usually find that the way in which our clients interact and react with the horses is very similar to the way they interact and react with their customers, peers, or other work groups as well as their own families!

Nathan Searle ... Process Improvement Manager - FONTERRA

Equine Assisted Learning Certification Training

Join us as practitioners in the emerging field of EAL for organisational development and social change.

EAL Certification Training is an attractive proposition for those interested in a career combining helping horses and people. Our education offers a combined professional development and mentoring programme.

This training demonstrates the horse/human bond and how it enables beneficial, deep and lasting social, emotional, spiritual and psychological changes.

This one year training program builds on the transformational processes within NLP to launch you into the field of Equine Guided transformational change. Participants will meet for 7 one-week retreats at Dune Lakes Lodge in New Zealand.

You will enjoy the stimulating innovative learning environment while being in the company of like-minded people equally dedicated to creating the highest quality Equine Assisted Learning environment. You will learn to work in multiple contexts and become the most skillful change agent for yourself and others.

Each retreat is organised to include a three-day training, a self-directed study day, and another three day training. (That’s 49 days total including the 42 training days plus the 7 self-directed study days).

For a working model see www.equinepathfinders.org.nz for the programs we provide through our charity.

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Internships & Working Students

We have internships available and placements for live in working students willing to learn and be involved in all aspects of our business.

INTERNSHIP at $600 per week including accommodation, food, regular lessons/sessions/rides/treks with horses, showcases, natural horse-friendship play days and experiencing what it takes to assist an equine centre.

WORKING STUDENTS PLACEMENTS: Help with all the day to day tasks around running a retreat and equine centre, contribute $250 per week towards living costs and food in exchange for time with horses, showcases and natural horse-friendship play days as and tuition as and when time is available.

For more information - contact Rosemary 09 420 2040 or email info@dunelakeslodge with CV.

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