Alistair Wait

Certified Trainer of NLP (NLPTRB)

Alistair began a wave of enthusiasm for NLP training in New Zealand during the early nineties. Well known for his collegial style and entrepreneurial spirit, Alistair has conducted business consultations and educational training programs in both private and government sectors for many years. NLP methodology and processes are integral to Alistair’s work. He uses NLP exquisitely and at levels many strive for. He is also an accredited trainer in Spiral Dynamics Integral.

Alistair stepped aside from his former training and international consulting company following major heart surgery in 2007 and the death of his wife Barbara in 2011. He has used this time to explore his personal interests that include photography, consciousness philosophy, yoga, nutrition and mindful living, and over the past few years has developed a passion for Natural Horsemanship.

Alistair recognises that horses provide a fantastically honest mirror when exploring aspects of human behaviour and he utilises the unique environment of the Lodge with advantages of Equine Assisted Learning to deliver a different form of metaphor through which high level distinctions can be made. Alistair is a trainer who has truly lived the spirit of NLP and the striving for excellence in his own life.