Horse Inspired Learning  Centre

A health and wellness community centre offering day and weekend retreats and long-term respite.

A calm, safe and supported growth and learning environment embracing the wisdom and magic of horse culture-based wellness and education programmes. Where we co-create new pathways together as we journey with our animal partners uniting all sentient beings together in love, peace and harmony.

We are an advocate for horses and human's right to choose. The herd is allowed 24/7 freedom to roam over 37 acres of rolling pasture. Our philosophy is non-aggressive, praised-based learning.

Horses have a restorative effect on people. Many have witnessed powerful and incredible moments that take place between my herd and humans. These extraordinary exchanges in many cases feel magical and at times, unbelievable. Given the space, horses guide us back to ourselves - a profoundly deep space of peace and stillness.

All welcome.

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From half day FREE Showcase to Kids Camps, Dune Lakes has a wonderful range of programmes for the whole family

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Community-based programmes providing a social service supporting learning experiences between horse and human

Thank you for changing my life in such a gentle and receivable way.


In 30 years of teaching I can honestly say that this is the most powerful learning outside of the classroom I have ever observed children engage with.


Prior to attending this course my horses walked all over me. I've had tonnes of lessons both here and in Australia and in a short number of hours I was taught the most valuable lessons. I felt safe and in control of the relationship with my horse, a first for me!"


Our weekend getaway was incredible….!!! We had fantastic friendly hosts, learnt amazing new skills, made new friends, all on a beautiful relaxed property.

Olwyn & Nadine

My young horse, Praise, turned a big corner with her education and training during the Natural Horsemanship weekend at Dune Lakes Lodge. This was our first experience of riding 'bit less'. Praise seemed happy and relaxed without a bridle - and I certainly didn't have any difficulties with my communication with her.


I can’t thank Rosemary enough...the learning’s from spending time with horses translates into other areas of our lives. They have much to offer in teaching us about ourselves.


Rosemary showed us are not a one-off fix but an on-going way of life for you and your horse to enjoy. You wouldn’t believe the change in my boy and ME! I was able to enjoy my baby again... I’m hooked!


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