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Hi I'm Rosemary, welcome!  I invite you to meet my herd of twelve horses, two dogs, two cats and me. We're located at Dune Lakes Horse Inspired Learning Centre situated in the beautiful environs of South Kaipara Head, Nr Helensville, Auckland.

Our ethics are to give horses a free and natural herd-life. Our philosophy is holistic providing support for both horse and human for their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.  Like horses, we follow a plant-based diet, and treat with herbs and homeopathy.  

We also utilise a revolutionary new product in the health & wellness industry integrating three leading technologies – terahertz, quantum and optical quartz crystal. An essential first-aid resource for every household, lifestyle block and workplace. With warm air and light these hand-held devices work with the body to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, speed recovery from injury, weight loss, anti-aging thus allowing the body to self-heal from disease and regenerate itself.  The animals know it is good for them too!!
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Thriving is a horse's innate knowing, even from birth, attachment and connection is paramount. They are grounded and embodied in themselves, they live in the now. Being in their presence naturally brings you into the same place. They are one of our greatest teachers. Their energy field enfolds you just by standing near them. Oxytocin floods your body reducing anxiety, stress, trauma, and depression. Heart coherence happens, your heart rate drops, as can your blood pressure.

Humans, like horses, are also neuro-biologically hardwired for connection with each other and in the absence of connection, there is always suffering.

When we take a higher path and open up our awareness, we see the horse as a partner on the journey toward self-discovery. We can let go of the reins, realising we don’t need them to ride the horse. It changes the entire dynamic of the relationship, as there is more trust between the human and the horse, as the human lets go of the need for control, and has instead enlisted a willing partner using a different level of communication that has always been outside the mainstream. For horses it may not be that they are seeking a spiritual awareness, yet, I have no doubt, that the horse, if we are able to listen, can open us to that special soul space.

Horses can bring us to an internal journey to the multi-sensory being that we are - bringing the unconscious into conscious and finding our authentic selves, where we discover more of our power, our resilience and our sovereignty.

Part of the solution about finding sanity in this world is with nature and animals. Horses are masters of effortless embodied awareness. They help us remember that peace and freedom lies within; in our own heart-beat; in our own breath and in our own deep knowing.  


Spirit Of The Dunes    

Path Of The Horse   

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Rosemary showed us are not a one-off fix but an on-going way of life for you and your horse to enjoy. You wouldn’t believe the change in my boy and ME! I was able to enjoy my baby again... I’m hooked!


I can’t thank Rosemary enough...the learning’s from spending time with horses translates into other areas of our lives. They have much to offer in teaching us about ourselves.


In 30 years of teaching I can honestly say that this is the most powerful learning outside of the classroom I have ever observed children engage with.


Thank you for changing my life in such a gentle and receivable way.


My young horse, Praise, turned a big corner with her education and training during the Natural Horsemanship weekend at Dune Lakes Lodge. This was our first experience of riding 'bit less'. Praise seemed happy and relaxed without a bridle - and I certainly didn't have any difficulties with my communication with her.


Prior to attending this course my horses walked all over me. I've had tonnes of lessons both here and in Australia and in a short number of hours I was taught the most valuable lessons. I felt safe and in control of the relationship with my horse, a first for me!"


Our weekend getaway was incredible….!!! We had fantastic friendly hosts, learnt amazing new skills, made new friends, all on a beautiful relaxed property.

Olwyn & Nadine

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