A Young Persons Bridge To Life Skills

A horse experience, where young people learn life skills while playing with horses. We offer fun activities, games and experiences with horses, mostly non-ridden and at liberty which develop emotional fitness, resilience, patience and enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Our praise based learning and non-dominant approach to horses, gains mutual respect, trust, boundary setting and relationship skills.
We incorporate holistic horse management philosophies which give the children knowledge of a more natural and safe way of being with horses.

Young people gain confidence in equine-assisted learning activities building their esteem and inner fortitude, developing friendships, and fostering teamwork whilst stimulating their lateral thinking and leadership skills.

Available for girls and boys of every age and level of experience. Perfect for children who have been around horses as well as children who have not.

Home Schoolers Sessions Every Tuesday  9.30am - 12.30pm

Dates for 2022:

11-15 July

3-7 October

Email Rosemary at info@dunelakeslodge.co.nz for more information

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470 Wilson Road
South Kaipara Head
Helensville 0874

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