Equi-yoga – the union of horse and human – connecting the ancient art of yoga, and the primal intelligence of the horse.
Our unique yoga practice and horse-friendship courses are aimed at people who wish to develop or improve their connection with themselves by engaging in our heart of yoga approach and in the ethos of equine wisdom.
An inwardly directed, grounding yoga practice, that’s deeply receptive and strengthening. It brings together physical and mental disciplines, which achieve a more relaxed, peaceful state of mind and a healthy, flexible body.
Ordinary life is not just about the self. If it were we would not have survived long as a species. The interrelationship among all things and all beings is fundamental to this journey we are on and should be celebrated. Mark Whitwell – The Promise of Love, Sex, and Intimacy.
Just as yoga is about the union of the breath, body, and mind, similarly, connection between horse and human explores the relationship of two seemly opposite beings coming together as one.  Utilizing breath, subtle movement and deep rapport allows for a heart-felt transmission of mutual reality. For the relationship to work, unconditional respect and friendship between the horse and human is paramount.
“Being” with horses and practicing yoga in this way does not require getting anywhere, only the willingness to participate.
By utilising breath, mindfulness, and the power of focus, intention, and energy, the more we understand the role our mind and body play in our lives. Each practice gains momentum, and the more momentum gained, the better we feel. The better we feel, the more we connect to our true and natural state.